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Here at SprayPlus Pest Control we take a lot of pride knowing that when your service is completed by our staff of trained professionals you will be amazed by the results. We put a lot of thought into the technicians we hire to service your home. We want you to enjoy the experience and feel totally comfortable with each and every visit. Complete trust and great service are our number one goals.

We have had many years of experience to perfect our way of treatment. We are not afraid to spend the extra time as needed at your business or home to get the job done properly. Safety of your children and pets are of great concern to us. That is why SprayPlus Pest Control will only apply the best products when your service is done. We will evaluate each situation and determine the safest method of application needed. Yes, we will guarantee 100% of all our services. We can't wait to show you results.


SprayPlus Pest Control has developed a service that has been proven to show our clients the immediate results they need.

Our services include treatments to control scorpions, termites, bees, roaches, crickets, mice, rats, gophers and all other unwanted pests. With our great prices and unbelievable results you cannot loose. Call now to start you service.

Our wide variety of treatments and our ability to be creative due to the unique circumstances of each and every job enables SprayPlus Pest Control to accomplish great results at every job.
  • Netting (all sizes and colors)
  • Spikes (several styles and colors)
  • Post & Wire Treatments (prevents roosting)
  • Solar Shock Track (used for heavy roosting)





"Immediate Service"


We offer immediate bee removal services for your protection. Call us now for service.
SprayPlus Pest Control has perfected several treatments that really work to protect your home and family from scorpions.
Termite treatments / WDIIR reports & Inspections (Realtors Welcome)

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